Think fast! Which one is Patrick Stump and which one is Pete Wentz???

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MONUMENTOUR ↔ Patrick Stump | AUSTIN (08.02.14) 


MONUMENTOUR Patrick Stump | AUSTIN (08.02.14

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Anonymous said: It exceeded his expectations? Could you point the way where he said that? Even recently in twitter he seemed very subdued about the possibility of ever daring to compose anything else solo. To be honest its difficult to read that article and not think he was at least very sad and/or angy (mainly with the has-been thing and leaving the spotlight). His words are poignant.


I absolutely agree Patrick’s words are poignant.  So two years ago when he referred to that blog as “that stupid blog [he] wrote” during a twitter Q&A, I sent him an ask about it.  He took the time to answer me and talked about his frustration with his words being misinterpreted. He specifically mentions how he never intended to quit—that was the opposite of what he was saying. And how he wasn’t depressed when he sat down to write it; what depressed him was the fact that he expressed his thoughts so poorly that they could be taken so wrong. There seems to be a pervasive myth that he is sad or insecure about Soul Punk, but I don’t believe that’s true. Frustrated, yes, that he couldn’t tour it as widely as people wanted him to, and probably taken aback by the fact that there was a small but outspoken group of fans who hated on his solo effort because they wanted Fall Out Boy and somehow blamed him for the fact it wasn’t happening.  But he’s not depressed about it. You mentioned him seeming subdued about the possibility of writing another solo album. I’d posit that’s because he’s focused on doing Fall Out Boy right now and that’s where all his enthusiasm and energy is. When the time is right, he’ll do it again, I’m sure. Probably not in the same way because ideally we all learn and grow as people and in our chosen field, but I can’t imagine him never doing another solo record. He writes way too much and not all of it is going to be right for Fall Out Boy.

To answer your question though, I misrepresented what he said slightly—by downplaying it.  This is exactly what he said about expectation versus reality with Soul Punk: 

My only goal with Soul Punk was to get it released on a major label. Mission accomplished. The fact that it sold any copies at all, the fact that it charted on Billboard, the fact that tons of radio stations played it; I can’t see it as a failure when it far exceeded my wildest dreams. 

Fall Out Boy M & G

(8.16.14 Los Angeles, CA)

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25 Times Patrick Stump’s Mouth Looked Extra Kissable — [6/25]


25 Times Patrick Stump’s Mouth Looked Extra Kissable — [6/25]

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Is it just me or are these pants sexy on him!?

No, not just you. They really are rather sexy, especially with the DMs

OMG those of pants are smoking hot! He looks a little snug in there…. Perhaps we should take them off… So they don’t rip…..

If he doesn’t rip them then I will… With my teeth!

Lemme in on this!

The snugness of those pants are a health hazard and should be removed… by any means possible!

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